Tony Walker

Good community, plenty to learn from other trader’s experiences. Everyone seems to have slightly different edge and add different dimensions to the overall learning experience. I started with the trading with the group in February. Having spent two years under my mentorĀ  implementing the 5 minute 10ma leading wide range bar strategy with forex GU and EU along with the indices Dax30. It was an emotional experience with both highs and lows with the wins and losses and really low when you encountered a lot of consecutive losses. The learning was plenty of chart time to thoroughly test each strategy 1) 5 minute 10ma 2) 15 minute 15ma 3) Zig-zag 15ma 4) Swing trades on the daily charts 5) Morning signals on the 15 minute charts. 6)How to manage your finances and risk. 7) Regular get togethers plenty of support through the members. 8) Learning is not fast but you need to learn patience and perseverance to stay the course but well worth it.
As long as you stick with the plan you should succeed.